Weight Loss Diet Tips and Tricks: How to lose weight in just 15 minutes a day

"Jon, I only have 15 minutes a day to spare. Can I ever lose this weight-- and get fit?" -- "Robert E.; Salem, OR

Yes, you can. It will take some clever strategy and a fair amount of intensity during those 15 minutes, but read on...

I have just the plan.

Success begins and ends in the mind. Period. No ifs, ands, or big buts about it. This is why I put together an audio you can get as a free bonus today (details below) called "How To Get And Stay Motivated For Life!" Without "real" motivation, which I call "inspired action", you will find yourself going in circles. There is a way around this...yes. I've helped thousands discover it. Then, there is the 15 minute workout plan. That is the second audio I put together. I wanted to create a workout you could do in 15 minutes or less and still see results. Not just results -- killer results.

So far the plan is amazing everyone who tries it. They are in and out of the gym in no-time flat. Some even do it in their home. With the new "In-Home 8-Week Workout" bonus that comes with Fit Over 40 , you can take my 15-minute workout plan and make it work for you. You can only get these two audios when you pick up the Fit Over 40 Success For Life Kit.


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