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It may sound strange, but many people who focus on finding the ultimate health food solution are actually suffering from Orthorexia. Known as the health food eating disorder, Orthorexia had been mistakenly diagnosed as Anorexia for many years until recently.

Those with Orthorexia are typically obsessed with finding the best health food diet around. Many orthorexics move from one health food plan to another. Those with Orthorexia find themselves isolated socially due to their extreme views on food, usually negating ideas outside of their health food lifestyle.

Although there have been very few deaths connected to Orthorexia it is still emotionally and physically devastating to the sufferer. This is especially the case, since those with Orthorexia do not feel they are doing and feeling anything out of the ordinary. In fact it is usually quite the opposite. Those with Orthorexia actually feel that they are more superior as far as health related issues when compared to everyone else. This view point is what makes Orthorexia so hard to treat.

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