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Getting the Most From Your Doctor

Non-compliant patients have become something of an epidemic in America these days, and the medical community is devoting tons of resources to stem the tide. Are you...

Who Owns the Hospital

First and foremost, find this out: where is the money coming from? Put another way, who owns the hospital? The answer will probably fall into one of...

Healthcare’s Front Line: Primary-Care Physicians

Unlike much of health care in the United States, which focuses on curing disease, the role of primary care physicians (PCP) is to focus on preventive medicine,...

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Understanding Food Labels

Once upon a time, words like “light,” “low fat” and “healthy” on food packages had no real nutritional meaning. As a result, shoppers were...

Test Your Nutrition I.Q

One day oat bran is the healthful food of choice, the next day it’s out. One day vegetable oils are in, and the next...well,...

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