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Lopsided Belly Fat: Why Is The Left Side Of My Stomach Larger?

With the summer season just around the corner, your concerns about your figure must be rising! All those crop tops, short skirts, short frocks, and so many more outfits would look way better on a good physique. Weight loss has always been a hot topic among women but have you ever heard of one side of the stomach hanging downwards?

What is the reason for lopsided belly fat and can you even get rid of them?

Well, a lopsided stomach is mostly naturally caused due to uneven fat distribution which is usually based on genetics. However, in some cases, you might notice a lump in your belly which can be dangerous!

In this write-up, you’ll learn all about the normal and abnormal causes of uneven belly fat. So, read on!

Lopsided Belly Fat: What’s The Cause?

Are you also insecure because of those Instagram models? If, yes, then trust me, their images are always photoshopped! You can’t find any human body on earth that is perfect. Every person is struggling with their flaws and this struggle is truly natural.

It’s important to manage your weight for the sake of your health but losing weight just to look appealing will only disturb your mental peace. When it comes to weight management, belly fat is what triggers all of us the most. Have you ever experienced a lopsided belly? To your knowledge, lopsided belly fat means the condition in which the left or right side of the stomach hangs lower.

Women with uneven belly fat always ask if it’s dangerous or normal? Well, this entirely depends upon the kind of bulge. If you feel fat, then it can be due to natural reasons. However, if you feel a lump, then there could be any pathological reason behind it. So, consulting your healthcare adviser is the only option in the latter. Following are some causes of uneven belly fat.

Fat Distribution

The most common and significant cause of lopsided belly fat is uneven fat distribution in the body. Fat distribution isn’t constant, it varies from one individual to another one and also is influenced by the genders.

It’s not that only females suffer from uneven fat distribution in the abdomen. Even males develop staggered abs which are actually uneven abs due to genetic reasons. However, some men have legs as their fat dump while others store body fat in the lower abs.

Research suggests that genetics plays a significant role in the regulation of fat distribution. You might’ve noticed that physiques are mostly inherited. Your body can be apple-shaped or pear-shaped depending upon the site of fat storage. Other than genetics, the hormonal system of your body greatly influences fat regulation.


Your grandma must’ve told you, “A bad posture is the root cause of many diseases.” Well, this statement makes sense because a bad posture can lead to weight fluctuations and vertebral problems. Prolonged sitting and an improper posture can make you have an asymmetrical body.


If the right side of your stomach hangs lower and makes the belly look lopsided, fat and bad posture aren’t the only reasons for it. If you feel a lump, then it surely isn’t fat. In fact, it can be a cyst, a mass, an outgrowth, or a hernia.

The distinguishing feature is that most such disorders are accompanied by abdominal pain that intensifies in a specific position. The enlargement of the left side of the stomach can be due to splenomegaly or inflammation of any other organ in the upper left quadrant. A lump could be an indication of an abdominal hernia. However, in all such cases, consulting the doctor is important.


Most women undergo a surgical procedure for the removal of excess fats known as, “Liposuction.” This is different from the popular “Tummy tuck surgery” as it doesn’t involve the abdominal muscles, unlike the Tummy tuck. When a large amount of visceral fat is removed from the body, the skin might become irregular giving rise to a lopsided belly. However, loose skin isn’t a complication here.

Right Side Of Stomach Hangs Lower: What’s The Solution?

You might’ve come across advertisements that claim that a specified workout can help in burning belly fat. But what if I tell you that there is no such thing as “spot reduction.” When you workout, the loss of fat occurs from your entire body and not only the spot you had wanted to!

Lopsided stomach
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Re-shaping the uneven belly region isn’t an easy task. But with long-term committed goals and consistency, you can achieve it!

One of the most famous, non-surgical fat removal procedures is coolsculpting. During this process, the fat cells are targeted and removed by a suction device. This painless method takes a few months to show full effectiveness. However, on the negative side, some patients have experienced an uneven belly after the procedure is done. Such uneven fat is known to go away slowly.

Working on your posture is the most important way to deal with belly fat. Avoid sitting in the same improper posture for hours. A good posture not only promotes a good figure but also improves body metabolism. A poorly aligned skeleton will also delay the burning of calories.

Sometimes your liver can also become enlarged enough to show a prominent difference on the right side of the abdomen. However, to confirm that, you must undergo an ultrasound. Liver enlargement is often accompanied by several symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and bloating.


  1. Why do I have more fat on one side of my waist?

Well, there are many possible reasons for this among which “genetics” can be the most likely cause. The fat distribution is regulated by factors such as hormones and genes which is why it varies from one person to another person. Uneven fat distribution is most likely to cause more fat on one side of your waist. 

  1. Why is my right side of stomach larger?

If the right side of your stomach is large or swollen, then it can be due to an enlarged liver, flatulence, over-eating, or indigestion. Other than this, uneven fat distribution can also make your right side of the stomach look larger. A bad posture, surgical procedures such as liposuction, and some disorders can also cause a lopsided belly. 

  1. Why is my lower right belly bulging more than the left?

A bulge in your lower right belly can be completely normal due to fat redistribution. However, if you’ve observed a lump in the stomach, then stop calling it uneven fat. It can be an abdominal hernia which is caused due to the muscles of the abdominal region. In case of a hernia, try to contact the doctor immediately.


All in all,  if one side of your stomach is larger, then rest assured, it is that lopsided belly fat.  You must consume a healthy diet and perform exercises on a  daily basis because it will help you in boosting the body’s metabolism.

Remember that, “spot reduction” doesn’t exist so whatever workout routine you’ll follow will affect the entire body. Most importantly, we can’t look like models every time! What you see on screen is all edited! So, feel comfortable in your asymmetrical body because we are all the same!

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