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Prescription Drug Addiction

Every year the rate of prescription drug addiction seems to increase exponentially. It is not clear whether it is increasing because of ease of acquisition or due to social acceptance as seen from Eminem, but it is clear that more and more people are falling into prescription drug addiction.

There are three major categories of prescription drug addiction:

  • *opioids-which involve opium or a synthetic derivative
  • *amphetamines-like Ritalin
  • *benzodiazepines-anti anxiety and mood transformers like Xanax

These three types of prescription drugs have unique qualities and addictive signs and symptoms.

The hardest part of curbing prescription drug addiction is the mere availability and lax control doctors have on patients attaining more of the drugs.’ This can be done through doctor shopping for more prescriptions, filling out false prescriptions, and getting on the black market. The best way to keep prescription drug addiction is to pay close attention on the patient in order to make sure they do not become addicted their particular prescribed drug.

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