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Hydrocodone Addiction

Hydrocodone AddictionHydrocodone is an opioid drawn from from codeine and thebaine. Hydrocodone can be acquired by prescription. Hydrocodone Addiction has ballooned to 40% of those prescribed, due to the easy to acquire nature of the drug.

Hydrocodone Addiction involves forming a tolerance to it. Hydrocodone gives the user a euphoric feeling. As the tolerance grows so does the amount of Hydrocodone needed to reach that high.

Hydrocodone is not only popular amongst the average person, it has been glamorized among celebrities, musicians, and sports stars. This of course makes it a little harder to curb its usage since acceptance has grown amongst mainstream Americans.

Hydrocodone Addiction Signs

Hydrocodone Addiction signs include:

  • *Doctor Shopping
  • *Rapid increase of amount of Hydrocodone taken
  • *Use of Hydrocodone outside the original prescription

Knowing the proper signs of a Hydrocodone addiction is important in bringing the addict to get help.

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