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Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction affects a person by making it difficult to give up sweets. Of course this definition can be applied to many “non-addictive” substances. However, unlike other foods those people with high intake sugar diets actually report withdrawal symptoms. This has fueled a debate whether this means sugar is truly addictive or plain just hard to give up. Of course sugar can cause many other health issues like tooth decay, diabetes, and weight issues.

Although there is evidence for sugar addiction due to sugar withdrawal symptoms, most researchers stress that these symptoms are found no more in sucrose than other fruit sources of sugar. These withdrawal symptoms include cravings, headaches, tremors, and depression.

Sugar Addiction might not be a real addiction in the classic sense, yet it does have some of the classic addiction qualifications like withdrawal and cravings. Despite this, sugar addiction just doesn’t make the top list for addiction concerns.

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