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Nursing Home Checklist

Prior to your visit to a nursing home, print a copy of the following checklist and use it to weigh the good and bad of each nursing home.

Name of Nursing Home:
Date of visit:


• Engage staff members in conversation, in particular those working directly with residents. How would you characterized the way they interact with residents?

o Caring
o Professional
o Terse
o Condescending
o Rude

• Can you picture your loved one being cared for by these people? Residents
• Imagine your loved one living among the residents. Are they groomed well, out of bed, out of their room, and active?
• Have you seen any resident receiving personal treatment that should have been carried out in private?
• If a resident calls staff for assistance, how quickly are they answered?
• How many residents does one nurse care for per shift?

Resident rooms

• Are they clean and well-maintained?
• Are they personalized with photos, books, flowers?
• Are there windows, and where do they open to?


• Do the hallways feature handrails?
• Are they broad enough to allow at least two wheelchairs to pass with room to spare?
• Are there wheelchair ramps that permit access into and out of the home?

Resident social areas

• Are there pleasant sitting areas, including furniture and seating, to talk, read of watch TV?
• Do the residents seem to enjoy these areas or do they go unused?
• Are there places for private visits?


• Has the facility posted an easy-to-read schedule of events?
• What kinds of interests might not be addressed in those events?
• Are residents participating, and are there volunteers helping?
• Are there any activities designed for patients who are unable to leave their bedrooms?

Dining: menu and area

• Does mealtime appear to be a friendly, social time?
• Is the facility preparing and serving meals according to the menu?
• Is the kitchen a sanitary environment?
• How is the presentation of the food?
• Do residents seem to be enjoying the food?
o What options do they have if they are not?
• Are visitors allowed to eat with residents?


• Where are the bathrooms in relation to residents’ rooms?
• If bathrooms are shared, how many residents use a particular bathroom?
• Do you see an emergency call button located within easy reach near the toilet?

Health Care

• What is the plan in the event of an emergency: is there a physician on staff, or on call?
• In the event a resident needs to be sent to a hospital, to which hospital do they send them?
• Is there an on-site pharmacist or pharmacy consultant?
• If a resident prefers to use his or her own pharmacy, can they do so?
• What kinds of therapeutic treatment options are available?

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