General Health

There are a number of general health issues that affect us everyday. Whether you are looking for information on Generic Drugs or Knowing Your Medical Rights you will find it here.

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    //default pop-under house ad url infinityads_enable_pop = true; infinityads_adhere_opt='left'; infinityads_frequencyCap =-1; durl = ''; inf… Read More
  • Prescription Drug Addiction
    Every year the rate of prescription drug addiction seems to increase exponentially. It is not clear whether it is increasing because of ease of acqui… Read More
  • Porn Addiction
    In the old days a porn addict would do his thing either with the help of magazines or videos. In today's multi-media world sex is everywhere and with… Read More
  • Prescription Drug Addiction
    Prescription drug addiction involves the addiction to a known legal substance that needs a prescription. There are three major areas of prescription d… Read More
  • Hydocodone Addiction
    Hydrocodone is an opioid drawn from from codeine and thebaine. Hydrocodone can be acquired by prescription. Hydrocdone Addiction has ballooned to 40%… Read More
  • Percocet Addiction
    Percocet Addiction is caused by a dependency to the prescription drug Percocet. Percocet is an opioid that is formed from a mixture of oxycodone and a… Read More
  • Cocaine Treatment
    Cocaine Treatment Cocaine treatment for addiction is a complicated problem involving biological changes in the brain, as well as many social, fami… Read More
  • Binge Eating Causes
    Binge eating causes have yet to be clearly defined. Despite this there are some binge eating causes that are evident in many sufferers. Binge ea… Read More
  • Cocaine Withdrawal
    Cocaine withdrawal: Causes, Incidence, and Risk Factors Cocaine withdrawal occurs when a heavy cocaine user cuts down or quits taking the drug. Coc… Read More
  • Peanut Allergy Treatment
    Peanut allergy treatment involves avoiding peanuts and peanut proteins completely. But peanuts are common, and you or your child are likely to come in… Read More


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