Male Infertility

In studies it is said that 40 to 50 percent of the reason why a couple is unable to conceive a child is because of male infertility. Half of these men experiences irreversible infertility, the reason why the rate is high is still unknown. Male infertility is diagnosed through a thorough check up by a urologist. The male genitalia will be examined and will be checked for any signs of abnormalities.

Usually blood and sperm samples are also needed to be able to check whether there are any hormonal imbalances or if the sperm count is low. Also any underlying illness may also affect fertility in men, which is why some follow up check-ups with other physicians may be recommended.

The most common reason of infertility in men is a condition known as varicocele. This is a problem where in the veins of the scrotum is either enlarged on one or both sides, because of this the scrotum is inflamed and causes heat in that part. Scrotum is the place where sperm is being contained and because of this sperm production is greatly affected, and will detect as having a low sperm count in tests. Another reason why there may be infertility in men may be because of certain blockages in the tubes of the genitalia.

What most men fails to do is to immediately have themselves be checked by a doctor, because of this more often than not it is already too late to reverse any problems that are affecting them which will lead to permanent infertility. If a couple reaches one year of trying to conceive and fail, it is recommended to immediately have themselves subject to a series of tests so that immediate medical attention can be done.

In the case of male infertility surgery may or may not be needed, sometimes medication is enough. But unfortunately once sperm quality has been affected such as in the case of the condition Oligospermia, treatment for this condition is still unknown and conceiving will not be possible.


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